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On Mission

PIVOT to on mission

Remaining effective in today's world can be overwhelming, especially when  it takes so much effort to keep things going. Finding renewal in the revival of Jesus' mission sounds good, but it's hard to know how to start. Why not walk with an experienced disciple-making leader through a process that creates alignment with Jesus and provides an action plan for future growth?

  • A focused plan with key milestones
  • On-site workshops for leadership team alignment and action steps
  • Virtual coaching for key leader to develop disciple maker skills and grow other leaders
  • Encouragement, support, and an On Mission network of like-minded leaders
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what is coaching?

Our On Mission coaching is a combination of on-site workshops for the local leadership team along with a series of intentional training calls that guide the point leader to help pivot the culture, commitment, and strategy of the church towards being a disciple making church.
Our team will:

  • Help you see through blind spots
  • Train leaders to be model disciple makers who make other disciple makers
  • Help you gain long term problem-solving capacity
  • Help you develop the key organizational blocks to be mission oriented.
  • Empower you to live out your divine design
  • Equip you to train other disciples to be on mission


How often do we meet?
What is the main goal
of coaching?
How long does the process take?

top 5 reasons you need coaching

  1. You are hungry to be a better disicple maker but don't know where to start.
  2. Your leadership team loves Jesus and his church but needs help getting alignment around mission and strategy.
  3. You or your team feel stuck on a hamster wheel with lots of movement but little progress. A coach can help you get aligned with Christ and each other to focus your energy and make eternal impact.
  4. You sense that you or your congregation is complacent, and want to be pushed beyond your comfort zone. A coach can help you find the courage to solve problems, reach goals, and invest in transformational behaviors that lead to growth.
  5. You want cultural transformation that leads to mission alignment.

Real mission

For a local congregation to have real growth it requires being on mission. To be on mission with Jesus, 3 key areas need to be aligned:

leadership // strategy // people

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