Feeling overwhelmed?

More than 90% of church leaders report feeling burned out. Navigating the 21st century post-COVID has people and churches struggling to regain momentum. Let us help you or your team get unstuck and start moving in the direction of real life mission by:

  • Restoring gospel focus in your life and congregation
  • Aligning around the mission of Jesus and participating in his movement
  • Generating a strategic path forward together as a team
  • Cutting through the clutter and capturing clarity for your congregation
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what is coaching?

Coaching is a series of intentional conversations organized around questions that facilitate discovery, generate ideas, and empower people to make wise, results-oriented choices that build strategy and lead to growth.
Our team will:

  • Help you see through blind spots
  • Serve as a sounding board for ideas, concerns, and hopes
  • Help you gain long term problem-solving capacity
  • Ask curated questions to shape a dialogue that leads to visionary strategy
  • Help you draw from your existing wellspring of experience, knowledge, and context to picture your future
  • Empower you to live out your divine design
  • Equip you to train other disciples to be on mission


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Does coaching involve a
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top 5 reasons you need coaching

  1. You've hit a ceiling. You're ready to take the next step in your growth and let God challenge you to develop further.
  2. You feel burned out in your ministry and are unsure of where to turn. A coach can be safe, outside ear and voice to help you and your team process your fatigue and be re-energized.
  3. You or your team feel stuck on a hamster wheel with lots of movement but little progress. A coach can help you get aligned with Christ and each other to focus your energy and make eternal impact.
  4. You sense that you or your congregation is complacent, and want to be pushed beyond your comfort zone. A coach can help you find the courage to solve problems, reach goals, and invest in transformational behaviors that lead to growth.
  5. You want guidance in creating a clear and compelling plan.

Real mission

For a local congregation to have real growth it requires being on mission. To be on mission with Jesus, 3 key areas need to be aligned:

leadership // strategy // people

Get help in any or all of these areas. Reach out and we'll help you chart a course where you, your team, and your congregation can live out the Matthew 28 commission of Jesus to "Go Make Disciples."

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