Life on Mission

A Life On Mission with Jesus is following His lead and practicing His way. When individuals align their lives to the steps ofJesus they can follow His lead. And when individuals align their habits to the skills ofJesus they can practice His way. Living this kind of life unlocks the joy, purpose, and impact Jesus promised to His followers.

The Pathway to A
Life on Mission


Once we have a picture of mission living we need to practice living the way Jesus lived. In Engage training we join in virtual cohorts to learn the 6 key SKILLS that Jesus lived and begin practicing them in our life.

NEXT COHORT: October 17 - November 18


Speak your Purpose
know the word
invest in the mission
lift your heart
live in community
share the message

Life on mission: Journal

Having a daily rhythm to how you live on mission is the most powerful way to stay in step with Jesus. The Life onMission Journal is designed to be a framework for you to view each day as an opportunity and have eyes to see the doors God is opening. It also empowers you to find your strength in God and depend on Him in all things.


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