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You got into ministry leadership because you wanted to give your life to the mission of Jesus. We are committed to helping you do that. The challenges of ministry can sometimes distract us and even discourage us in our commitment to Jesus' disciple making mission. We begin by helping you recenter on your own discipleship of Jesus and out of that overflow we engage in helping others follow Jesus. But leadership goes one step further, we are called to be both the model of disciple making and a multiplier of disciple making. This means we have to make disciple makers.

Our Services

On Mission Training

Group based training designed specifically for leaders who want to be effective disciple makers. Check out our training page to learn more.

On Mission Coaching

Leadership coaching for individuals and teams looking to plant a new mission focused ministry, pivot an existing church to be on mission, or personal coaching for those looking to go deeper into their mission.

On Mission Workshops

Workshops designed to help leadership teams build what it takes to be an On Mission church. Perfect for a retreat or to be introduced to our full coaching service.

On Mission Resources

Teaching tools, books, video series and more designed to support disciple making in your local context. Check out our evangelism tool here.

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What others are saying

“Working with BE1MK1 changed my ministry forever. The focus on me being a disciple maker first changed how to lead made all the difference.”

Steve M., Lead Minister

"We've been wandering aimlessly for years and it was so nice to have someone come in and help us get direction and momentum."

Larry G., Elder

“After starting the On Mission Pathway I began to have some of the richest and most beneficial conversations with my staff in a decade. I’m seeing the fingerprints of God all over this”

Jeff D., Sr. Minister

“We're so glad to be doing this work because we have had a long felt need for clarity of purpose and clear actionable steps to accomplish the same. We're so thankful to have this help."

Discipleship Minister

The Team

Chip Pugh

Lead Coach

Anthony Rex

Executive Director

Marcus Stenson


Jeff Marks

Special Projects

Paul Huyghebaert


Stephanie Shearer


Nicole Pugh


Michael Sain

Business Strategy

Jeff Collier

Pastoral Counseling

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We want to see the mission of Jesus be the mission of His people. If you share this hope and want to support the work of BE1MK1, please consider partnering with us. Your partnership helps us train disciple makers all over the world.